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An initiative by:

The Foundation for the Adoption, Sponsorship and Defence of Animals is a non-profit organization for the protection of all animals. We work to improve the living conditions and the legislation applied to pets and wild animals. We exert actions and campaigns in order to inform and sensitize society and work with authorities to ensure proper implementation of the laws and for approval of new legislation. faada.org

In collaboration with:

InfoZoos is the initiative of ANDA, Born Free Foundation and FAADA created to influence the way wild animals are managed and treated in zoos. We visit zoos to see if they comply with the provisions of the legislation and expose centers that follow the "beasts exhibit" model for entertainment and whose objectives are away from education and conservation. infozoos.org
ANDA is a nonprofit association that works for animal welfare since 1989, especially on the field of legislation. ANDA is a member of Eurogroup for Animals, an organization that coordinates various activities from Brussels in the different Member States for the defense of animals and for improving their quality of life. andacentral.org
Born Free Foundation
Born Free Foundation is a British organization that works internationally to prevent the suffering of animals in captivity and for the protection of endangered species in their natural habitat. With over one hundred projects dedicated to animal welfare, conservation and education, Born Free works with governments, tourism industry, organizations and society at large for a greater awareness and respect towards animals. bornfree.org.uk
One Voice
One Voice is a French independent entity for animal rights. It carries out nonviolent campaigns with the view that humans, nature and animals must be defended globally and on the premise that animals are not our slaves but our planet companion. one-voice.fr
AnimaNaturalis, founded in March 2003, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing, promoting and protecting the rights of all animals. They work through public education, information dissemination and awareness, and carry out campaigns, events, demonstrations and conferences. animanaturalis.org
Ocean Care
OceanCare is a Swiss non-profit organisation. It was founded in 1989 and works at international level in the areas of marine pollution, environmental changes, fisheries, whaling, sealing, captivity of marine mammals and public education. OceanCare is an official partner of the UNEP/CMS Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contigous Atlantic Area (ACCOBAMS). Oceancare.org
Marevivo is an environmental organization recognized by the national Ministry of the Environment with over 28 years of experience in the protection of the sea and its resources. All the activities that the association organizes aim to ask for the commitment of the institutions and to increase the attention and involvement of the public and the media towards the preservation of that precious resource that is the sea. marevivo.it
Founded in 1977, LAV’s mission is the recognition and the respect of animals’ rights. Accredited as non-profit, of social utility and moral entity, LAV aims to abolish vivisection, protect animals, take care of the environment and fight criminal acts against animals. We work against any kind of abuse and violence on animals (humans and non humans), on environment and ecosystem, in order to defend the right to live of every living being. lav.it

SOSdelfines is a member of:

 Dolphinaria-Free Europe
Dolphinaria-Free Europe is a European coalition of NGOs and professionals, working together to end the keeping of cetaceans in captivity. Seeking greater protection for captive cetaceans through investigation, advocacy and education; members of the coalition share the position that wild animals should not be exploited for human entertainment. Dolphinaria-Free Europe
 Dolphinaria-Free Europe
The World Cetacean Alliance is a global coalition of organisations dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises around the world. At the 1st World Whale Conference, 26-27 October 2012, delegates agreed that a new coalition should be formedto effectively protect the world’s cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) from the many and varied threats that they face. This coalition will be a partnership of NGOs, whale and dolphin watching businesses, and passionate individuals, all prepared to work together and shout louder on behalf of cetaceans than ever before." worldcetaceanalliance.org
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